Pixton is a tool to create comics. It is a very fun tool to play with either for fun or in a class. There are three different types of accounts: Pixton for Fun, Pixton for Schools and Pixton for Business. With Pixton for fun, you have a 7 day trial and with Pixton for schools you can get a 30 day trial. In order to try the teacher version, you have to be a teacher and be able to prove it. The individual teacher account (up to 200 student accounts) is 10.99$/month and school or district (any number of student accounts) is 2.15$/month.

When you sign up, there is a ‘friend’ named Clive that gives tricks to how the website works. To start you simply have to click on the blue pencil. Then, you create a character(s) and once you have created the amount of characters wanted, you can start your comic book. It is very easy to put text in the bubbles, add or take out a character and change the background. The tool is user friendly, everything is clear and simple for first time users.

This tool can be useful in an ESL classroom because a lot of students do not like to read a lot. Therefore it gives teachers a way to have them read English and see spelling. Comics don’t have a lot of text but with images,  children read in English and don’t actually realize they are reading and they enjoy it.

As an ESL teacher you can either create a comic for the students to read or ask students to create one to practice their written English. An interesting option while using this, is that once students have created their own comic strip they can then practice their spoken English while reading it to the class. They can therefore practice both their written and oral English, while the teacher can evaluate the students. Students do not realize they are actually practicing their English because they are having fun. Since students aren’t always comfortable to speak in front of the class, you may have them work in pairs or even act out their comic, this way they can have fun.  As stated on Commonsensemedia, Pixton is less about learning a particular content-area lesson and more about sharing knowledge with other

You can teach new material using comic strips, making it more fun for the both teachers and students. As a teacher, you can either give them specific aims or let the students do free time writing. It also gives opportunities for teachers to work on grammar and syntax without students noticing it. It will motivate students to try and achieve more in an ESL class.


Directly on the website, there is a pedagogical aspect page of the use of Pixton. More specifically, they talk about second language acquisition.  It talks about how much it allows for creativity, that it is fun for students and it is interactive. It can subtly integrate ICT’s in classrooms.

Personally, I think I would like to use this later when I teach English as a Second Language. I like using technologies because I grew up with them all around me. It is also fun because you can create and have fun while preparing your teaching. Though, I would probably try to find a tool similar to Pixton, but that you don’t have to pay for. I would use this to teach students from elementary to secondary cycle one.  But, probably make students of  elementary cycle three and secondary cycle one play with it.



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